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"...Just so you know, Rowan has been talking about you all day. We drove to the grocery store and she thought we drove to music class. I was getting her out of her seat and she was saying "Jenny, Jenny" with a hopeful look on her face. And she just woke up from a nap saying "Jenny, Jenny". I'm trying to tell her music class is only 1 day a week and we will see you again next week, but I"m not sure if she understands that. Just thought you might like to know she's a big fan!"

Babies & Grands Music young drummer.jpg

"I had the luxury of a long vacation with Olive over the holidays and noticed that she can't stop moving and dancing. As soon as music comes on, her head starts bopping and her knees start bending. It's adorable. I'm so excited she can enjoy your music class once again."


"Music classes for children could be held at an assortment of venues, Murphy, however, wanted more than just a room. The result is a program that uses music to bring together the very young and the very old. Kudos to her for conceiving and executing such an excellent idea."

-Tim Lamorte: Points of View from the Editor- Rivertowns Enterprise Dec 7, 2012


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